👇 We want to make this as effortless as possible, below is a template to edit as you see fit.


Please share your high-level company goals in whatever format you use internally (e.g. OKRs).


Annoying VC Financial KPIs

Revenue KPIs

Engagement KPIs

Team Information

Note: Under each category, please share 2-3 KPIs relevant to your business. Bonus points if you can share these in a dashboard 📊

3 P’s




Note: The 3P’s is a way to give us a quick qualitative update on your progress, plans, and problems. We recommend keeping it to 3-5 bullet points per category.

Strategic Discussion topics

List 1-3 discussion topics:

  1. .... [x minutes]
  2. .... [x minutes]

Note: We have 40 minutes, so we’d recommend picking one or two discussion topics to do a deeper dive.

Please be sure to label how much time you’d like to spend on each topic. We know time will fly by, adding a time to each talking point will help keep us all accountable to meet your needs ⌚